Designer Code of Conduct

Respect the 99designs community

99designs is a large, global community that brings together lots of different people. There are bound to be disagreements, but when we disagree, the most important thing is to treat each other with respect.

To help guide your participation in the 99designs community, we have assembled a simple code of conduct. Failure to respect the community and comply with the code will result in disciplinary action such as account suspension or termination.

1. Respect all community members

That’s right – respect is rule #1! Negative, aggressive or offensive behavior in public or in private will not be tolerated. If you need to report a community member for inappropriate behavior please do so by contacting support

2. Do original work

Copying designs in total or in part from other sources within or outside of the 99designs community will not be tolerated. If you use any stock images in your designs, you must have the right to use those images, and you must disclose all the required information at the time of submission.

Please see our Concept Originality Policy and our Stock Image and Clip Art Policy for more information.

3. Be honest and compete fairly

Do not misrepresent yourself or others in public or in private. Never attempt to influence the client by criticizing other designers or offering to do free work if they select your design. You may enter into relationships with clients outside of 99designs; you may not use it as leverage to win a project.

I will not:

  • submit designs that I copied in total or in part from someone/somewhere else
  • publicly criticize or attack designers, clients or 99designs staff
  • open multiple accounts
  • engage in fraud.

I will:

  • respect the community and the code of conduct
  • submit only original work
  • use the proper channels to report inappropriate behavior.

Guidelines updated September 22nd, 2010.

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